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A complete series of interactive lunar maps, with more than 2,500 geographic formations (including craters, mountains, lakes, seas and valleys) identified simply by moving your mouse cursor over the feature. You must have Javascript turned on in order to access this function.

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Lunar Sectors By Grid Location

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Earth Side, Northern Hemisphere

Sector A-1: Western Sea Of Cold/Northwestern Limb
Sector A-2: Central Sea Of Cold/Lunar North Pole
Sector A-3: Eastern Sea Of Cold/Northeastern Limb
Sector B-1: Northern Ocean Of Storms/Northwestern Limb
Sector B-2: Northwestern Sea Of Rains/Bay Of Rainbows
Sector B-3: Northern Sea Of Rains
Sector B-4: Northern Sea Of Serenity
Sector B-5: Humboldt's Sea/Northeastern Limb
Sector C-1: Northeast Ocean Of Storms
Sector C-2: Western Sea Of Rains/Northeast Ocean Of Storms
Sector C-3: Southern Sea Of Rains
Sector C-4: Southeast Sea Of Rains
Sector C-5: Northern Sea Of Serenity
Sector C-6: Northern Sea Of Crises/Northeastern Limb

Earth Side, Equatorial Region

Sector D-1: Ocean Of Storms/Western Limb
Sector D-2: Central Ocean Of Storms/Kepler-Copernicus
Sector D-3: Sea Of Islands/Copernicus
Sector D-4: Central Bay/Seething Bay
Sector D-5: Central Sea Of Tranquillity
Sector D-6: Southern Sea Of Crises
Sector E-1: Southwestern Ocean Of Storms
Sector E-2: Southeastern Ocean Of Storms
Sector E-3: Sea Of Clouds North/Known Sea
Sector E-4: Northeast Sea Of Clouds/Ptolemaeus
Sector E-5: Bay Of Roughness West
Sector E-6: Sea Of Fertility West/Northern Sea Of Nectar
Sector E-7: Central Sea Of Fertility/Eastern Limb

Earth Side, Southern Hemisphere

Sector F-1: Western Sea Of Moisture/Southwestern Limb
Sector F-2: Sea Of Moisture/Western Sea Of Clouds
Sector F-3: Southern Sea Of Clouds
Sector F-4: Regiomontanus-Purbach
Sector F-5: Southern Sea Of Nectar
Sector F-6: Sea Of Fertility South/Southeastern Limb
Sector G-1: Schickard-Wargentin Frontier/Southwestern Limb
Sector G-2: Eastern Lake of Excellence/Southern Palus Epidemiarum
Sector G-3: Tycho/Clavius South
Sector G-4: Maurolycus/Janssen South
Sector G-5: Mare Australe/Southeastern Limb
Sector H-1: Longomontanus-Schiller/Southwestern Limb
Sector H-2: Clavius-Maginus/Lunar South Pole
Click here to visit the Moon! Sector H-3: Boussingault-Hommel/Southeastern Limb

For a map of the Lunar far side, please click here.

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