The Full Moon Atlas

Full Moon Atlas: Sector D-1
Oceanus Procellarum/
Western Limb

From the Moon's visible western edge, along the Lunar equator (which runs just below Crater Hevelius, in the lower left corner of the photo), across central Oceanus Procellarum. Left of center is Reiner Gamma, a relatively flat formation made up of light-colored material; just east of it lies Crater Reiner. Crater Kepler's ray system, streaks of ejecta from the crater's creation, is prominent in the upper right corner.

Moving your cursor over major geographical features in the photograph below will trigger identifying flags.
When displayed, approximate crater diameters (in kilometers) are shown within parenthesis.
To move to an adjoining sector (when available), click on the direction indicator. For example, clicking on the "North" indicator moves you to the sector above the current one displayed.

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