The Full Moon Atlas

Full Moon Atlas: Sector G-5
Mare Australe/
Southeastern Limb

On the visible Moon's extreme southeastern edge lies Mare Australe, parts of which extend to the far side. A portion of Australe's 150,000 square kilometer expanse can be seen along the orb's curve at right in the photograph. Other large formations in the region include the craters Janssen (lower left) and Furnerius (upper right). In the shadows near the upper left corner is Crater Piccolomini.

Moving your cursor over major geographical features in the photograph below will trigger identifying flags.
When displayed, approximate crater diameters (in kilometers) are shown within parenthesis.
To move to an adjoining sector (when available), click on the direction indicator. For example, clicking on the "North" indicator moves you to the sector above the current one displayed.

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