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A complete series of interactive lunar maps, with more than 1,000 geographic formations (including craters, mountains, lakes, seas and valleys) identified simply by moving your mouse cursor over the feature. You must have Javascript turned on in order to access this function.

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Lunar Sectors By Grid Location

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Earth Side, Northern Hemisphere

Sector A-1: Western Mare Frigoris/Northwestern Limb
Sector A-2: Central Mare Frigoris/Lunar North Pole
Sector A-3: Eastern Mare Frigoris/Northeastern Limb
Sector B-1: Northern Oceanus Procellarum/Northwestern Limb
Sector B-2: Northwestern Mare Imbrium/Sinus Iridium
Sector B-3: Northern Mare Imbrium
Sector B-4: Northern Mare Serenitatis
Sector B-5: Mare Humboldtianum/Northeastern Limb
Sector C-1: Northeast Oceanus Procellarum
Sector C-2: Western Mare Imbrium/Northeast Oceanus Procellarum
Sector C-3: Southern Mare Imbrium
Sector C-4: Southeast Mare Imbrium
Sector C-5: Northern Mare Serenitatis
Sector C-6: Northern Mare Crisium/Northeastern Limb

Earth Side, Equatorial Region

Sector D-1: Oceanus Procellarum/Western Limb
Sector D-2: Central Oceanus Procellarum/Kepler-Copernicus
Sector D-3: Mare Insularum/Copernicus
Sector D-4: Sinus Medii/Sinus Aestuum
Sector D-5: Central Mare Tranquillitatis
Sector D-6: Southern Mare Crisium
Sector E-1: Southwestern Oceanus Procellarum
Sector E-2: Southeastern Oceanus Procellarum
Sector E-3: Mare Nubium North/Mare Cognitum
Sector E-4: Northeast Mare Nubium/Ptolemaeus
Sector E-5: Sinus Asperitatis West
Sector E-6: Mare Fecunditatis West/Northern Mare Nectaris
Sector E-7: Central Mare Fecunditatis/Eastern Limb

Earth Side, Southern Hemisphere

Sector F-1: Western Mare Humorum/Southwestern Limb
Sector F-2: Mare Humorum/Western Mare Nubium
Sector F-3: Southern Mare Nubium
Sector F-4: Regiomontanus-Purbach
Sector F-5: Southern Mare Nectaris
Sector F-6: Mare Fecunditatis South/Southeastern Limb
Sector G-1: Schickard-Wargentin Frontier/Southwestern Limb
Sector G-2: Eastern Lacus Excellentiae/Southern Palus Epidemiarum
Sector G-3: Tycho/Clavius South
Sector G-4: Maurolycus/Janssen South
Sector G-5: Mare Australe/Southeastern Limb
Sector H-1: Longomontanus-Schiller/Southwestern Limb
Sector H-2: Clavius-Maginus/Lunar South Pole
Click here to visit the Moon! Sector H-3: Boussingault-Hommel/Southeastern Limb

For a map of the Lunar far side, please click here.

This document contains a detailed interactive lunar atlas and photo maps of the moon (lunar photo map or mondkarten), as an alternative to the Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas and the atlas of the moon created by Antonín Rükl (Antonin Rukl, Antonína Rükla) plus maps of lunar craters, mountains, seas (maria), lakes (lacus), mountains (montes). Images of the Lunar surface are from the Consolidated Lunar Atlas.

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